Tournament Rules – Men’s Net – Coed 6’s

Men’s Net (7 feet 11 5/8 inches) – Upper – Coed 6’s
Consists of teams with a superior knowledge of the game and rules. Skill levels range from Experienced to College Level play.
All players understand rotational sequence, offensive concepts and defensive positions and can apply them in competition.
Game and player strategies are well understood (i.e., running offensive plays, identifying opponent weaknesses, reading opponents plays during volley, etc.) and the game is run at a high tempo.

Men’s Net (7 feet 11 5/8 inches) – Middle/Lower – Coed 6’s
Consists of teams with a solid knowledge of the game and rules. Skill levels range from Intermediate to Experienced.
For those teams that want to play coed height at an intermediate level and allow guys to spike the ball however not at a high tempo level.
Must have a knowledge and understanding of the game, rotational sequence and comprehend offensive and defensive positions.


Pool Play Begins On Day of Tournament at 9:00 am

Game Play
Saturday Pool Play – Pool play will be a single round robin with all teams of each pool advancing to the tournament.

Pool play will depend on the number of teams registered in the tournament.

The officiates this year will the North Dakota State University Men’s Volleyball Club players.

Good sportsmanship and observance of the school rules is important.  Any beverages brought into the building are your responsibility.  No alcohol on premises (inside/outside) this has been a past issue and almost cost us our tournament.  The schools have zero tolerance.

PLAYER ELIGIBILITY: Players must be 16 years of age by date tournament starts.  No teammates may be 15 years old or less.

Pool Play
Matches will consist of two games to 20 points with a cap of 22 points (rally scoring).  Number of games (not matches) won/lost will determine your tournament seed.  In the event of ties for seeding in those rounds, the first tie-breaker will be by total points for and against, then head to head, and finally if there is still a tie a coin flip

Tournament Play
Tournament match will consist of two games up to 25 points each using the rally point scoring system. If third game is needed this will play to 15 points. Team must win by 2 points, no cap.

Must be voiced to the referee, if no referee then team captains must settle immediately upon occurrence, team captains can only protest the call.  Remember, judgment calls cannot be protested. No unsportsmanlike conduct including yelling at the opposite team, swearing, arguing, fighting, and talking back will be allowed. The faciltiy coordinators have the authority to eject a player from a 3-game match.  Any additional unsportsmanlike conduct may result in elimination of the tournament.  If an expelled player or fan does not leave the playing area within two minutes, the game will be forfeited.

All start times on the schedule are estimates,
Teams should be ready to play immediately after the proceeding match even if it is running ahead of the estimated start team. If a team is not present for the start of their match, they will forfeit that game, if another 10 minutes has passed the team shall forfeit their 2nd game.

It is our privilege to use the school gyms and its facilities.  Please do not wreck this opportunity.  Any person who vandalizes property, smokes, drinks alcohol any in the facilities will be punished by law.
Please help by keep our facilities clean.


National High School Federation Volleyball Rules shall govern play insofar as they do not conflict with the rules stated herein:

  1. The net height shall be at men’s height.
  2. Substitutions may be made during any dead ball period. A re-entering player must either return to the game for the

person who substituted for him/her or rotate into the next available position of the same gender.

  1. Teams must be ready to play when the next game is over. Start times are only estimates. Any team arriving late for the game, regardless of the published start time; will forfeit 1 game and the entire match after 20 minutes have passed. This rule does not apply to a team that is playing on another court and does not make it to the estimated start time because of playing in another match.
  2. A team shall be comprised of at least four players, of comprised men/women (coed) or all women. Coed teams cannot have more men than women.
  3. If a player arrives late and a team is playing with less than 6 players, that player may enter the game on the first dead ball at any position on the court. If a team has 6 players present and an additional player arrives, that player may enter the current game following applicable rotation and substitution rules.
  4. Any ball hitting an overhead obstruction (backboard, ceiling and support beams) shall remain in play providing the ball remains on your side of the net and your team has a hit remaining. Hitting an overhead obstruction on a serve is considered out.
  1. There is no requirement for a female/male player to contact the ball regardless of the number of contacts by a team before it is returned to the other side of the court.
    1. The ball can be returne d to the other side on a serve without another male/female touching the ball. 
    2.  A ball can be returned to the other side of the court on a kill (spike) without another male/female touching the ball.
  1. Any jewelry while playing such as watches, rings, earrings and necklaces will not be allowed.
  2. A choice of serve or receive will be determined by flip of a coin.  Teams wining the coin toss will have the choice for game one.  The other team will serve or receive in game two.   A second coin toss will take place if a third game is necessary.
  3. Any player may attack the ball.
  4. No player shall cross the center line under the net during play. Your entire shoe must cross the center line before it’s a violation.
  5. ****We encourage families to attend however you are responsible for them. We ask that children remain respectful to our facilities and enjoy the tournament. We understand that kids like to go play around and enjoy the company of their other friends however we will be enforcing safety of the children.  We ask you watch over them. ****
  6. The serve can be SET however it cannot be blocked or attacked!
  7. If the ball is tossed during a serve and the server does not hit the ball, the referee shall issue a reserve. Only one reserved ball per service turn.
  8. Touching of the net is a violation and will be called no matter how or where the net is touched.
  9. Contact below the waist is legal.
  10. All adjacent courts are out of play.